City of Faith

Helping to Build Up the Communities We Serve

Who we are

Faith Movers Church is excited to bring resources and amenities that are not currently available in our community.


Our Foundation
City of Faith is an extension of Faith Movers Church (FMC) and is intended to build upon FMC’s outreach efforts and actualize it’s third pillar, which is outreach.  Faith Movers Church was founded by God and organized by Moses B. Herring, Sr. in the year 2011. God’s desire for Pastor Moses was that he could lead a church where the Spirit could flow freely and the outside community could be impacted. Faith Movers Church has done just that. Faith Movers Church has been recognized by many outside organizations for its commitment to excellence, service to the community, and for its many outreach events. To date, Faith Movers Church has given away over 2,000,000 pounds of food among many other things such as a countless number of shoes, clothes, coats, gloves, hats, even gasoline and many other items for those in need.

Our Purpose
With the City of Faith, it is our desire to lead change by creating jobs, programs and providing services and food that will help build up the city of University Park and the communities we serve.  City of Faith is the avenue in which we will change the trajectory of lack in our community and provide resources that will provide jobs, reduce hunger and amenities to those who live in University Park and surrounding areas.

What is the City of Faith?

City of Faith is a multiplex community center that will provide the following resources.

City of Faith was born out of the vision of Senior Pastor Moses B. Herring Senior, Senior Pastor of Faith Movers Church to create a state of the art community and outreach center that would service the city of University Park and surrounding areas.  Currently, within the city of University Park there are no grocery stores, leaving residents to travel outside of the community to buy groceries and the necessities for daily living.  Additionally, there is no community center for the children or residents of University Park to enjoy fun and entertainment in a safe environment.  The City of Faith is the solution to both of these problems.

State of the Art Community Center (Faith Center)

The City of Faith will consist of a community center and outreach center.  The community center will provide various amenities for the city that will include activities geared toward fun, entertainment, and health.  In doing so, we will provide a safe haven and safe space for children and residents of University Park. Please see the amenities below


Indoor Track

Fitness Center

Bowling Alley

Rock Climbing

Dance Studio

Computer Classrooms

State of the Art Outreach Center

The outreach center will provide resources that provide for basic needs as well as spaces for training that will help individuals toward upward mobility in life.   There will be a free grocery store and much more.  It is our desire to not only provide food for the community, but resources to help them in their life journey.  Please see the amenities below.

Grocery Store

Storage Rooms

Refrigerated Rooms

Dining Rooms

Office Space

Job Training Rooms


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